Firewater supplies

“Clear groundwater as an extinguishing agent”

A sprinkler system is a stationary, automatic fire extinguishing system. It detects, monitors and combats an incipient fire. Typically, a sprinkler system extinguishes the fire before the fire department arrives on the scene.

A major component of the sprinkler system is the extinguishing water supply. Building a water cellar, water tank or water silo is possible, but is an expensive solution that also takes up a lot of space.

Installing one or more sprinkler wells is an attractive alternative.

We drill and supply complete sprinkler well pump systems including control cabinet in accordance with the latest requirements.

Reliability, operational safety and quality are vital

“Groundwater is always available”

A fire water supply saves lives and protects objects and property during a fire. Quality, reliability and good maintenance protocol are vital here. Fighting a fire starts with a reliable water supply that cannot fail. Tjaden therefore works exclusively with durable and high-quality materials.

The construction of a drilled fire well is a sustainable solution for providing sufficient fire-fighting water capacity. Clear (ground) well water is used to extinguish a fire.