Activities and services

In all of Tjaden’s activities, water plays the leading role. Initially, the company was involved in dewatering for construction activities and drilling for drinking and process water. After more than a hundred years, we have continued to specialize in these areas. We dewater during a variety of activities and drill for drinking water, fire extinguishing water and water for other (industrial) applications.

At the same time, groundwater is also a source of energy. For the realization of various sustainable ground source energy systems, we tap into this source. As a true authority on the subsurface, Tjaden provides high-quality geohydrological advice.

In all our activities, care for our environment takes center stage. In the case of dewatering, we ensure that the extracted groundwater is removed cleanly and responsibly or returned to the ground through re-injection. CO2-neutral sustainable ground source energy systems contribute to a cleaner world, and with firewater facilities and sprinkler well pump systems we make our world safer.

A variety of source dewatering techniques can be used to dry excavations for such purposes as cable and pipe trenches, sewer construction, basements, parking garages and other construction pit excavations. The selection of the best method depends on the ground conditions of the site, the available space and any environmental constraints.